10 16 13 a nice little video from the road…

Hey Everybooty!! Im back in the Sunshine State and back to the grind of gigs, recording and teaching. I am loving life and am so grateful to have my family and great friends by my side and along for the ride. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you!

..this vid was randomly shot, just felt like playing music in the park for the kids. and they loved it!! #iheartpark #nexttome

10 1 13 Hosting Open Mic Jam at SKOB (siesta key oyster bar) tonight!!

sandi jammin at SKOB oct 2012

Sandi Grecco at SKOB

Such a beautiful first day of October!! Come join me at SKOB open Mic Jam tonight from 7p-11pm. I will be hosting tonight and have everything set up and ready to rock…just need you and some tunes! Come on down!!

1 31 13 Bass tonight at BeachClub Siesta Key w/ Matt Gerhardt and Undertow

I’m slappin the Bass tonight at The BeachClub Siesta Key w/ Matt Gerhardt and Undertow

9p-1a Come and drink like you’re on an island!!Sandi Grecco on the bass..

1 25 13 Beach Club on Siesta Key Tonight!! w/ Ben Hammond

We will be rockin the Beach Club Tonight!!2 power sets for your dancing pleasure!!
10p-12:30aย  — then the DJ takes it from there!

Tonights line up – Ben Hammond (awesomeness) – Jeremy Downing (bass) – Sandi Grecco (drums) – Dan Brockstar (Guitar)

Hear the band mic’d up and pumpin!!

Awesome times right here!!

Awesome times right here!!

Tim the sound guy, really makes us sound good and LOUD!!

Come out and drink, party and have some fun with us ๐Ÿ™‚

1 22 13 Drummin at SKOB tonight!! W/ Matt Gerhardt

IT’s the Tuesday night open Mic tonight!! Ben Hammond is handing over the keys for tonights open mic to Matt Gerhardt. Should be a great night!!ย  Siesta Key Oyster Bar 7pm -11 pm



12 26 12 Deckin Them Halls at SKOB (Siesta Key Oyster Bar) – Xmas Night

Drums on Christmasย ย  Christmas Jam at SKOB last night!! The Ben Hammond Band hosts the Tuesday Night open jam at Siesta Key Oyster Bar. It was packed Christmas night and it wasย  fun jammin with all ya’lls – deckin them halls – Steve Duerst, Ben Hammond, Brockstar, Matt Gerhardt, Chris Otto, Thorson Moore, Will Hayes, James DaBone, Tim Eaton, Tommy Rox, Diamond D, Stewy . haha. Well anyways, Happy Holidays to everyone and looking forward to great things in 2013.