1 31 13 Bass tonight at BeachClub Siesta Key w/ Matt Gerhardt and Undertow

I’m slappin the Bass tonight at The BeachClub Siesta Key w/ Matt Gerhardt and Undertow

9p-1a Come and drink like you’re on an island!!Sandi Grecco on the bass..

1 22 13 Drummin at SKOB tonight!! W/ Matt Gerhardt

IT’s the Tuesday night open Mic tonight!! Ben Hammond is handing over the keys for tonights open mic to Matt Gerhardt. Should be a great night!!  Siesta Key Oyster Bar 7pm -11 pm



12 26 12 Deckin Them Halls at SKOB (Siesta Key Oyster Bar) – Xmas Night

Drums on Christmas   Christmas Jam at SKOB last night!! The Ben Hammond Band hosts the Tuesday Night open jam at Siesta Key Oyster Bar. It was packed Christmas night and it was  fun jammin with all ya’lls – deckin them halls – Steve Duerst, Ben Hammond, Brockstar, Matt Gerhardt, Chris Otto, Thorson Moore, Will Hayes, James DaBone, Tim Eaton, Tommy Rox, Diamond D, Stewy . haha. Well anyways, Happy Holidays to everyone and looking forward to great things in 2013.