Saltys tonight 7-11/ Big Top Brewery tmrw 2-5 DRUMS

saturday snacks – yum.

Well, I’m back at Saltys in Gulfport, FL playing DRUMS… I think it’s only been about 5 years since I played there last. Cant wait, playing with a fabulous group of people from Sarasota, FL – Midnight Mama. Come on down, we play 7 to 11 tonight. Great weather is expected – hope to see you.

This Sunday, April 18th, I’m playing a fun gig on drums with RJ Howsen. Blues and Brews. 2-5. We play rain or shine, outside if it’s nice weather and inside the taproom if it’s not nice weather.

These are the snacks I adore. been writing in the journal, trying to decide what to do with my life now and still. which way to go, how I can get there, and how to go about doing it. I want a simple life full of love.

I have new music to download please visit this link to listen and buy! Add me to your Spotify playlists, it helps. I cant see who adds me so if you are stalking me and dont want me to know, feel free to add me, ill never know. lol

miss your faces.


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