March Schedule, Drums, and Accountability

March 2021 schedule has been posted, please check it out, and hope to see you at a show!!
Today I’m headed into the studio to track drums and guitar for the next 2 original songs at All Access Studio w/ Ronnie Dee. Stoked to be getting new music out there fr your earbuds.

Aaaaand, this week I’m literally playing drums every night (except tonight, I’m at Middle Grounds Grill, random, yes) My New Years Reso is on point. I am so glad to be drumming more than singing nowadays. And teaching a few lessons every week, too.

Tuesday – Hideaway cafe – Not From Here & Looshka
Wednesday. – The Mill – Not From Here
Thursday – Ringside Cafe – Miguel & Friends
Friday – Ale and Witch – Not From Here w/ Austin Gill & John Hetherington
Saturday – Maddox Ranch Medicine Show – Somatic
Sunday – I’m very excited to be playing percussion for a musical comrade that I haven’t played with in a long ass time. I will disclose soon, but If you know me, you probably just figured it out..

And Finally, here we are March 9, and I’m the same weight I was 2 months ago. HOWEVER, I have been exercising every day plus walk/jogging a few times a week. My flexibility and mobility are getting much better. Knees and hips have never hurt this much in my life! I think it’s because a) I’m 30 pounds heavier than I’ve been in well over a decade and b) because I’m old(er) LOL I bought a scale, I literally threw my last scale somewhere outback and never found it.

Staying accountable with my weight, it’s hard to do. I actually have some doubts that I will lose it. I started a new program today for the next 30 days, lets see how it goes. Wish Me Luck!

Thanks for reading this, see you soon!


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