And drum sticks..

It’s one of them.. Hope you had a great Sunday. Today’s gigs at church and at The Independent were really fun and inspiring. I am grateful to be able to show up and play the drums. Seemingly more and more. It’s my goal to keep it going.. what goals are you working towards lately?

Oh I just got a Fitbit, I know I know , welcome to 2017, right? But i was frugal and just got a versa 2. Getting an Apple Watch is not necessary even if you have an iPhone. Keeping track of things legit. I’ve been swimming about a mile everyday or so and I’m am feeling pretty good. Better than I have in a while. I haven’t lost the poundage though and now it seems I’m going to have to dial it way in even more to lose it. But, I can see muscle tone again am not in near as much pain as I have been in the past several months. A shift is taking place however subtle. My goal is to be back at my normal weight by mid July. The Fitbit is fun and should help. However it tracks my drum playing as walking and riding a bike… at the same time. My heart rate gets pretty elevated at times. 101 in church for like an hour. Interesting. I want to slam on some drums right now. Lol

Right now I am at the Floridian on central in st Pete watching Bryan Hughes and his band jazz it up for Sunday night jazz. Sounds awesome!

Well, til we meet again. See you around the bend and all that jazz. make good decisions.


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