Hi – some things you need to know..

Well, maybe not need but you could be happy I’m communicating in such a positive manner!

Today the music is available on iTunes for either pre-sale, down load, or both. I’m not sure. But here is the link so head on over and check it out.


Its been a super busy and exciting month and this week is no exception, today is my monday of an upcoming 6 day work week. Im drumming at the Hideaway Cafe with my band Not From Here, with my special guests Austin Gill and John Hetherington from the Sarasota band Midnight Mama. This will be a great night of music starting at 7:30 with special guest Danielle Mohr. I am THRILLED to watch a loop show in a beautiful sounding room. Please join us I really would love to see you.

Black Orpheus, a beautiful yet tragic ballad. We play upbeat stuff too. Stay safe and be the best version of you. Rockstar. -sandi

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