It’s Jort season!!

The first pair of long winter pants have been reduced to Jean shorts, Jorts. yay summer.

Updated May 14, 2021

Tonight, I’m playing drums at The Brown Boxer In Clearwater Beach w The Samantha Leigh Band. 10-2a it’s gonna be a banger!

May, 16 2021 10am Drums at Gulf Coast Church in Largo. Livestream on Facebook.

May 16, 2021 3pm Drums at The Independent Bar in St Petersburg w The Sunday Jazz Project featuring James Suggs and Mark Moultrup.

May 19, 2021 6pm Drums w Not From Here at The Mill in South Tampa featuring Mark Mayea and Elias Tona.

Hope you have an awesome and safe weekend filled w positive thoughts about the future. -Sandi

Electric paddle board

Musicalness this week: May 11, 2021

Hey friends and followers, nomads, troubadours and ambassadors. How has the week been for you? I have a couple new, fun drum gigs this week!

Ran (jog/walk) siesta key a couple weeks ago, May do it again soon!

Wednesday (tonight) I’m playing at The Mill in South Tampa. Duo style with Chris Flowers. I’ll be on drum set, looping my guitar and singing. Chris will be doing the same on keys. 6-9p

Thursday I’m filling in at Carrabas at Tyrone. Looping a short set from 6-8p out on the patio.

Friday I’m sitting in with The Samantha Leigh Band on drums at The Brown Boxer in Clearwater Beach. Party time!! 10-2am

Saturday I’m off, what’s going on out there?!?

Sunday I have a double Drums at Gulf Coast Church in Largo at 10am THEN drums from 3-6p at The independent for Jazz Sundays.

This is my sixth week of swimming a mile a day (1000 yards) and official 3rd workout using Spin Strength and Yoga.

My body is feeling SOOOO much better, way less pain everyday, I am so thankful to gain some of my mobility and flexibility back. I am starting to finally lose pounds and inches. This time is hard, folks. Really hard. But I am on a mission.

See you soon, make good choices and be your best version.


Good Evening…

Well, I have to say todays Jazz at The Independent was solid, entertaining and intelligent. My mind is always buzzing with polyrhythms and melodies after the jazz. I have been practicing drums again regularly since July 2020, with intention, not so much fancy drum fills or cool drum stick twirls or sticks. But more, the fundamental building blocks of being a good drummer. Yes, I practice to a click and different rhythm sequences, it helps all areas within my skill. Without proper timing, subdividing rhythms into different rates of speed cannot be done unless your timing (your internal clock) is adequate. I’m practicing and transcribing a lot of 7 and 5 groupings and am finally (comfortably) hearing the way those timings land against the original pulse. It’s kind of like this… you know those drawings that you can see two completely different things depending on where you focus at? Well, polyrhythms are kinda like that but for your ears.

In other news, the Fitbit was not cutting it. It failed during workouts and monitoring my sleep more than once. So I did what anyone would do, I returned it and got an Apple Watch. WOW!! So this thing is cool!! I haven’t worn a watch in many many years. My feeble attempt to avoid time. Now have all my apps on my wrist and I have to say that’s pretty awesome. We shall see how it tracks my sleeps and swims though…

Oh!! and gigs this month (so far) I have a couple of fun gigs on drums. Sunday, May 9th I AM PLAYING HARD ROCK (poolside) from 2 to 6 with Chris Flowers Band – Land of Flowers. So EXCITED!!!!!

On May 12th at The Mill in Tampa I will be playing with Austin Gill and John Hetherington (of Midnight Mama). Really looking forward to that too!

I also uploaded the lyrics to my latest release Moving Forward. Check the home page of my website for the new link. After you read the lyrics hop on over to Spotify and follow me!

Make good decisions and do something nice for yourself. YOU DESERVE IT.


Working this week at

Wednesday 7-10 at The Galley in St Petersburg

Thursday 6:30-10 at Irish 31 in Seminole

Saturday 7-10 at middle Grounds Grill in Treasure Island

Sunday 3-6 at The Independent in St Petersburg

I hope to see you again. Thanks for your support even if it’s just a thumbs up in your mind. -Sandi

Full Moon over the pier April 27, 2021


And drum sticks..

It’s one of them.. Hope you had a great Sunday. Today’s gigs at church and at The Independent were really fun and inspiring. I am grateful to be able to show up and play the drums. Seemingly more and more. It’s my goal to keep it going.. what goals are you working towards lately?

Oh I just got a Fitbit, I know I know , welcome to 2017, right? But i was frugal and just got a versa 2. Getting an Apple Watch is not necessary even if you have an iPhone. Keeping track of things legit. I’ve been swimming about a mile everyday or so and I’m am feeling pretty good. Better than I have in a while. I haven’t lost the poundage though and now it seems I’m going to have to dial it way in even more to lose it. But, I can see muscle tone again am not in near as much pain as I have been in the past several months. A shift is taking place however subtle. My goal is to be back at my normal weight by mid July. The Fitbit is fun and should help. However it tracks my drum playing as walking and riding a bike… at the same time. My heart rate gets pretty elevated at times. 101 in church for like an hour. Interesting. I want to slam on some drums right now. Lol

Right now I am at the Floridian on central in st Pete watching Bryan Hughes and his band jazz it up for Sunday night jazz. Sounds awesome!

Well, til we meet again. See you around the bend and all that jazz. make good decisions.


Saltys tonight 7-11/ Big Top Brewery tmrw 2-5 DRUMS

saturday snacks – yum.

Well, I’m back at Saltys in Gulfport, FL playing DRUMS… I think it’s only been about 5 years since I played there last. Cant wait, playing with a fabulous group of people from Sarasota, FL – Midnight Mama. Come on down, we play 7 to 11 tonight. Great weather is expected – hope to see you.

This Sunday, April 18th, I’m playing a fun gig on drums with RJ Howsen. Blues and Brews. 2-5. We play rain or shine, outside if it’s nice weather and inside the taproom if it’s not nice weather.

These are the snacks I adore. been writing in the journal, trying to decide what to do with my life now and still. which way to go, how I can get there, and how to go about doing it. I want a simple life full of love.

I have new music to download please visit this link to listen and buy! Add me to your Spotify playlists, it helps. I cant see who adds me so if you are stalking me and dont want me to know, feel free to add me, ill never know. lol

miss your faces.


Not From Here tonight at The Ale and the Witch and other assorted cool gigs on drums…

My band that I formed in 2006, Not From Here has been gifting me some of the most talented musicians in the area to play jazz fusion music with since I’ve located to St Petersburg FL last year. Such a 180 degree turn around from where I was 1 year ago.

I am so grateful to have drum gigs this weekend- Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday – Not From Here at The Ale and The Witch downtown St Pete. 7 to 9 pm with Elias Tona on Bass and Joe Cosas on Piano.

Saturday – Lucid Wake (a recording project) at Earthfest at The Maddox Ranch in Lakeland FL 830-930

Sunday – Jazz Sunday at The Independent Bar in St Petersburg Fl with James Suggs on Trumpet and Mark Moultrup on piano 3-6

I have new music available for download at the link below. Please follow my Spotify. I more

Music will be on the way and I don’t want you to miss it!!

I hope you have a great Friday and rest of your weekend. And I hope to see you sometime soon. -Sandi