Saltys tonight 7-11/ Big Top Brewery tmrw 2-5 DRUMS

saturday snacks – yum.

Well, I’m back at Saltys in Gulfport, FL playing DRUMS… I think it’s only been about 5 years since I played there last. Cant wait, playing with a fabulous group of people from Sarasota, FL – Midnight Mama. Come on down, we play 7 to 11 tonight. Great weather is expected – hope to see you.

This Sunday, April 18th, I’m playing a fun gig on drums with RJ Howsen. Blues and Brews. 2-5. We play rain or shine, outside if it’s nice weather and inside the taproom if it’s not nice weather.

These are the snacks I adore. been writing in the journal, trying to decide what to do with my life now and still. which way to go, how I can get there, and how to go about doing it. I want a simple life full of love.

I have new music to download please visit this link to listen and buy! Add me to your Spotify playlists, it helps. I cant see who adds me so if you are stalking me and dont want me to know, feel free to add me, ill never know. lol

miss your faces.


Not From Here tonight at The Ale and the Witch and other assorted cool gigs on drums…

My band that I formed in 2006, Not From Here has been gifting me some of the most talented musicians in the area to play jazz fusion music with since I’ve located to St Petersburg FL last year. Such a 180 degree turn around from where I was 1 year ago.

I am so grateful to have drum gigs this weekend- Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday – Not From Here at The Ale and The Witch downtown St Pete. 7 to 9 pm with Elias Tona on Bass and Joe Cosas on Piano.

Saturday – Lucid Wake (a recording project) at Earthfest at The Maddox Ranch in Lakeland FL 830-930

Sunday – Jazz Sunday at The Independent Bar in St Petersburg Fl with James Suggs on Trumpet and Mark Moultrup on piano 3-6

I have new music available for download at the link below. Please follow my Spotify. I more

Music will be on the way and I don’t want you to miss it!!

I hope you have a great Friday and rest of your weekend. And I hope to see you sometime soon. -Sandi

Hi – some things you need to know..

Well, maybe not need but you could be happy I’m communicating in such a positive manner!

Today the music is available on iTunes for either pre-sale, down load, or both. I’m not sure. But here is the link so head on over and check it out.

Its been a super busy and exciting month and this week is no exception, today is my monday of an upcoming 6 day work week. Im drumming at the Hideaway Cafe with my band Not From Here, with my special guests Austin Gill and John Hetherington from the Sarasota band Midnight Mama. This will be a great night of music starting at 7:30 with special guest Danielle Mohr. I am THRILLED to watch a loop show in a beautiful sounding room. Please join us I really would love to see you.

Black Orpheus, a beautiful yet tragic ballad. We play upbeat stuff too. Stay safe and be the best version of you. Rockstar. -sandi

March Schedule, Drums, and Accountability

March 2021 schedule has been posted, please check it out, and hope to see you at a show!!
Today I’m headed into the studio to track drums and guitar for the next 2 original songs at All Access Studio w/ Ronnie Dee. Stoked to be getting new music out there fr your earbuds.

Aaaaand, this week I’m literally playing drums every night (except tonight, I’m at Middle Grounds Grill, random, yes) My New Years Reso is on point. I am so glad to be drumming more than singing nowadays. And teaching a few lessons every week, too.

Tuesday – Hideaway cafe – Not From Here & Looshka
Wednesday. – The Mill – Not From Here
Thursday – Ringside Cafe – Miguel & Friends
Friday – Ale and Witch – Not From Here w/ Austin Gill & John Hetherington
Saturday – Maddox Ranch Medicine Show – Somatic
Sunday – I’m very excited to be playing percussion for a musical comrade that I haven’t played with in a long ass time. I will disclose soon, but If you know me, you probably just figured it out..

And Finally, here we are March 9, and I’m the same weight I was 2 months ago. HOWEVER, I have been exercising every day plus walk/jogging a few times a week. My flexibility and mobility are getting much better. Knees and hips have never hurt this much in my life! I think it’s because a) I’m 30 pounds heavier than I’ve been in well over a decade and b) because I’m old(er) LOL I bought a scale, I literally threw my last scale somewhere outback and never found it.

Staying accountable with my weight, it’s hard to do. I actually have some doubts that I will lose it. I started a new program today for the next 30 days, lets see how it goes. Wish Me Luck!

Thanks for reading this, see you soon!


Not From Here at The Hideaway Cafe – Well You Needn’t

Hi!!! Here is a new video for you. We are settling in nicely at The Hideaway on Tuesday nights. Our home base to play music for the evening. I can speak for the band(s) when I say we are all so thrilled to playing music Tuesday Nights in St Pete at The Hideaway Cafe and am so grateful to John Kelly for giving us a whirl. Please join us and bring good vibes.

Not From Here performs 7:30-830 pm and Looshka performs 9 to 10 pm

In other news, my new music is finished! finito!! Done!!! so now I am working on completing artwork uploads and publishing/distribution. My 2 song EP, The Eternal Optimist, the first act, so to speak, from my upcoming release Grace,  will be available to stream on all platforms very soon, be on the lookout.

Stop by and say hi, I would love to see you. #supportlocal #localmusic #localvenue


2 5 2021

Playing a lot of drums this month, I have more drum gigs than solo/ loop gigs, that hasn’t happened in a long time. I am on a mission to get back to drums eventually full time. I am thankful for the work.

As of Fall 2020, I am part of the Dream Educator Collective. I will be playing different products from Dream Cymbals in my upcoming weekly drum tutorials. The shipment of cymbals has been held up and delayed but are finally on their way to the USA from Canada today. I am excited to get going with my online drum lessons.

Pre-production is finished for the next 2 songs I am going to record! Final edits have been submitted for the 2 songs I’m releasing in a few days. I can’t wait to get them out there, the best 2 sounding songs I have produced thus far, IMO. Thanks to Ronnie Dee and All Access Recording for helping me get there! be on the lookout –

So many things to say, but I guess later, I have to get to the TIKI docks now for a gig.

I hope to see you soon and you can write back sometime, that would be great.


Drums last night at The Hangar Restaurant and Flight Lounge. That is a 14 x14 floor tom, have I mentioned that to you?

February 2021 Schedule

UPDATED: February 1st, 2021

TUESDAYS – The Hideaway Cafe #stpete Doors at 6pm       Drums  730-830 pm – Not From Here / 9-10 pm Looshka

SUNDAYS – The Independent #stpete 3 – 6 pm  The Sunday Jazz Project w James Suggs             Drums 

Wednesdays – The Mill #southtampa February 10 & 17  6 – 9 pm                                               Drums w Not From Here (funk, jazz, latin)

Wednesdays – The Galley #dtsp 7to 10 pm 1st and 4th Wednesday of the month February 3rd & 24th Solo/ Acoustic/ Live loops

Friday – Irish 31 SRQ #sarasota 6 – 930 pm February 19th                                                            Solo/ Acoustic/ Live Loops 

Friday – Irish 31 SEMINOLE #stpete 630 – 10 pm February 26th                                                         Solo/ Acoustic/ Live Loops

Saturdays – Tiki Bar SKYWAY #stpete 2 – 5pm February 6th & 27th                                            Solo/ Acoustic/ Live Loops

Saturdays – Middle Grounds Grill #treasureisland 7 to10 pm  February 6th, 20th, 27th                    Solo/ Acoustic/ Live Loops

Saturday – The Mill #southtampa February 20th  11a – 2pm BRUNCH                                                  Drums w Not From Here (funk, jazz, latin) (winner of best brunch in Bay area and ambience)

All things take time..

Our worst years were these past 4 years. Yes, I’m talking to you. You. You and me. Me and You. I’m supposed to feel better now, and on some level I do, but on other levels, I think I have PTSD.

And then, this whole year, enduring the worst year of the ‘evers as the last year of suck. But enough on that, right? It’s over now, which could mean a new beginning. I set an intention on New Years’ to play drums more and that’s what I am doing, specifically in the month of February.

Tuesdays at The Hideaway Cafe in February 6:30 to 10p w Not From Here & Looshka.

Wednesday at The Mill (S. Tampa) February 10th, 17th 6 – 9pm w Not from Here

Saturday at The Mill (S. Tampa) February 20th 11a – 2pm w Not From Here – Brunch

Sundays at The Independent (St Pete) 3 to 6pm The Sunday Jazz Project w James Suggs

I have 2 songs I’m releasing and I am proud of them. They are almost finished. The first verse of ‘Hey My Love, the lyric came to me after reading the bible (on my phone) during quarantine back in April. The entire melody of End with you came into my head as I arrived to a solo gig at The Independent back in March, I had to stop the car grab my ukulele, and record what was in my head on to my phone. I wrote about 20 songs back then, I’m excited to look back and harvest some music from those lonely, cold AF homeless days for my next 2 song release. Probably will drop in a couple of weeks.

There is a lot to be thankful for, one is continuing to learn about yourself. Always changing, always learning. This time last year was surreal. I can’t even begin to explain. But I don’t think the explanation is needed here.

I hope to see you again. Yes, you. Only you.