5 2 16 California Day 5

I went to California a couple weeks back. Played drums at a couple cool shows with Connor Zwetsch in L.A. at Hotel Cafe (full band) and in San Francisco at The Hotel Utah Saloon (duo).  Every day i would take a lot of pictures and some video in hope that one day soon i would sit down and document them by day. Been thinking about doing this for days now, and almost every attempt has been foiled by some type of snafu that has me searching for passwords, losing internet connection and dealing with media on multiple devices etc. But over the last couple weeks i have uploaded some video to my youtube channel www.youtube.com/sandigrecco and have sorted and started uploading pix. This was a cool experience for me. In general life i like to work on many different aspects of a goal at my own pace and then along with the right timing and a lot of love from the universe. Bam. Many things came together for this 12 day 6,348 mile excursion. I am renewed and my spirit is strong. The amount of support and love i received from my friends, family and band mates is astounding. I am truly humbled by your support and love. Thank you.

I dont tend to do anything in a particular order because im supposed to/ have to etc lol, so im starting my first post about Day 5. The first day in 5 days i had time to explore and be with myself. I had so much fun. Perm-a-grin ear to ear. All day.

Started the day out early waking up in an awesome 2nd floor apt in the city (san francisco). A super cool couple hosted Connor and I after the show at Hotel Utah Saloon the night before. I  embark on foot to forage for food and find my car. I locate a corner grocery for some breakfast items (kinda) and continue the hunt for my car. The host couple parked it for me since i was down an eye. Searching for blocks, i realize quickly that these hills are no joke. Thigh burning grades here. Wow. Eventually i found my car and drove up the street to a small park up on another giant hill in the city called Alamo Square.

20160502 102115

I could see the city skyline over the houses from all directions. Amazing. After taking a lot of pics, i ate and headed back to pick up Connor to take her to get her rental car. But first, coffee. We headed over to Blue Bottle coffee, a hip little coffee bar in an alley way that i guess is also the location for a Sunday Farmers Market. Noted. Anyways, coffee. Thank you coffee gods. So good. Afterwards we met up with typical city traffic. Fun. Im still wearing my eye patch. I went the wrong way and ended up crossing a bridge over to treasure island. Which ended up being a scenic blessing in disguise and rad photo op.

20160502 112126

After driving up and down the airport parking garage forever looking for the elusive enterprise rental car and 5 days in Cali, we found it said our goodbyes. Thanks for the music and the memories. You rock 🙂  Connor headed up to Seattle, WA to finish off her west coast tour and I headed to sunny San Raphael, CA to buy eye glasses, return drums and check out the coast! The drive up to San Raphael is gorgeous. Going over the Golden Gate Bridge is so dope and the bay views are beautifully larger than life.

20160502 125526

Hit up Lenscrafters again and was on my way with brand new glasses in less than an hour. Up next, Bananas at Large music store in San Raphael, CA. Great people, gear and rentals at reasonable rates. Thanks guys 🙂 cant wait to be back! What a super cute town with a seasonal Farmers Market to boot. Noted. Thriving main drags with shops and restaurants. I found The Falafel Hut. Yum. I was in heaven. Lunch.

And now my first solo scenic drive commences. It was getting near the end of the day when Muir Beach, CA became the destination. It was getting dark plus it was super windy and chilly. Which is a running theme at certain logistics in this region. Burr. The cloud cover didnt help, but it was amazing anyway. The waves sounded so good. a  steady rolling roar. I wished to stand there longer to watch the surfers, or the giant cruise ship miles off shore that looked miniature against the mountain backdrop or the different groups of people gathered around their beach fire pits with their dogs. But i was freezing so i had to keep moving..

I found a lost dog in the parking lot. She wouldnt come to me and didnt want my falafel or water so maybe she may have lived close by. Hope so. After a chilly cloud covered sunset, i headed back to Oakland, CA where i would be staying with extended family for the next 3 nights. What an awesome day. #grateful.

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  1. Thanks for sharing some familiar sights I haven’t seen in many years!! Loved the walk, miss the beautiful west coast at times!! Enjoy your travels!!

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