Weight loss goals…

2020 was a roller coaster for me in many ways but one that has always been my Achilles heel is my yo-yo weight. Up down up down, I know I lost the same 20 pounds a dozen or more times. But, 2020 was a little different and way more extreme. I started 2020 at 147 and by mid March I was 127 the lightest I’ve ever been in my adult life, then by july I was back to 147 and by November I was 167!!! The heaviest I’ve been in over a decade. I made a commitment to my self to lose the weight responsibly, dedicating myself to eating nutritious and balanced meals and exercise with accountability. So I joined this gym called The Forge, they have a six week challenge and I am challenging myself. This is hard work. Harder than starving myself, harder than quitting drinking (easy!) or smoking (weed) which I quit in the beginning of 2020. If you want to find out more about The Forge contact me and I’ll tell you who to talk to.

I’ll save the full body picture for when I’m done, lol. My goal is to lose this weight once and for all!

There, I said it !

I’ll keep you posted here on my weight loss journey, have a great day!

Day 1 (you have to start somewhere)


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