#TBT “Not From Here performs at Giving Hunger the Blues 2008 (main stage)” on YouTube

Here is a nice 20 minutes video of my band going what we do in a Funk Latin Blues context at 2008 Giving Hunger the Blues #givinghungertheblues #mainstage

This is my band NOT FROM HERE An instrumental funk latin jazz band performing in and around Sarasota FL. In fact we used to perform regularly at The 5 O’Clock Club Friday nights for the happy hour, which started at 530…lol

Ive had several members flow in and out over the years. From the ashes of the original 2005 Drum Studio All Star Band w Syesha Mercado, Funk shui was formed in 2006. In 2008 I changed the name of the band to Not From Here

Giving Hunger the Blues was born out of a fundraiser held INSIDE the 5 “O”  in the early 90s and was driven with the passion and common goal to feed and protect the needy children of Sarasota County. The brainchild of founder George Generoso (owner of The 5 O). Completely 100 percent volunteer driven and community oriented. It brought everyone in the county together to make a difference for the common cause. It also made its way to be the biggest block party and charitable event in #sarasotacounty history.

Sandi Grecco – Drums

Tyler Adams – Guitar Chris Guertin – Bass

David Cubillos – Piano

The Chicken, St Thomas, A Night in Tunisia

#smallstarts #bighearts #thedrumstudio #mambotheboxer #givinghungertheblues #community #giveback #drums #stthomas #anightintunisia

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