#tbt 2010 FREEBIRD The Drum Studio – Rock Band Summer Camp Rock Show

Hello! Ive never forgotten this moment. These are the days that make up for the long haul in the trenches of teaching ?

I am an inspirationalist (my word), i inspire people to do better and more with their life. Be it music, athletics, mindfulness what ever. I am a forever student and am always starting anew. All the potential to learn new things about me and the world motivate me to be better and in doing so, I help others be better everyday.

I opened The Drum Studio in 2002. With no social media (that wasnt even a word yet, hah), it was and is still all by #wordofmouth With no money/ loans – I used my personal instruments and worked 3 jobs (teacher, drummer and painter of houses by day to open my studio). No family support – but more on all that sooner than later. I am still here Rockin ? at the first Rock School – Music Studio in Sarasota County EST 2002. So, you may have a rock compound or a music box. I applaud you???, I really do. And I think youre super cool but.. you’ll never be as cool as a band full of teens ROCKIN #freebird at the end of rock band camp week to their parents holding up lighters on their phone, cool ? (Watch at about 2:45 )?

I always had the vision to create what I did not have growing up. Music Lessons!! I wanted a fun all inclusive music school for young musicians to be themselves and create their music on their level with their ideas. I succeeded and am proud of myself!

Sandi and #mambotheboxer?

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