#TBT 2008 Giving Hunger the Blues Chase Vickers rockin the Youth Stage

#tbt 2008 Giving Hunger the Blues Block Party #givinghungertheblues The Largest Charitable event in Sarasota County. Chase Vickers cut his teeth having his first performance on the youth stage (2 latched together Budweiser trailers with no sun cover) at age 8 opening for The Drum Studio All Stars (original) at The 2005 Giving Hunger the Blues Festival Block Party on Hillview Ave in Sarasota FL.

at about minute 7 the toms start falling off the kit.. lol

Chase Vickers – Drums

Mark Staib – Bass

Sandi Grecco – Guitar

Here Chase is 3 years later garnering a crowd worthy of main stage consideration as you can see in this video. Please enjoy this and keep in mind this that this is the fruit of 3 years labor in the shed. we worked hard, broke copious amounts of sticks and cymbals and were committed to improvement with a FOCUS on performance in weekly lessons at The Drum Studio through out the year. I ( The Drum Studio) facilitated the youth stage for 10 years officially in 2005. Hundreds of Sarasota county youth musicians were involved in the biggest block party Sarasota County has ever experienced.

Within only 3 years the youth stage BECAME the main attraction at #givinghungertheblues We were rewarded and upgraded to a real stage, sun cover and sound system! In fact, in 2009 Drum Studio Alumni/ American Idol Finalist Syesha Mercado agreed to perform Main Stage, just as long as her original 2005 crew was there with her. We performed to a sold out crowd of over 5000 paid admissions. The highest numbers Giving Hunger the Blues has ever seen. The Drum Studio was instrumental and an integral part of the success of Giving Hunger The Blues.

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