Road Trip 2018

June Promo Atl

Hi!! #mambotheboxer and I are up for an #adventure this coming week. First up is a double in #Atlanta GA Saturday June 9th. Downtown ATL Piedmont Park Saturday Morning Market 10 am to 10pm.

and then ..

F.R.O.G.S. Mexican Cantina in Midtown ATL 7pm to 10pm

I just love Atlanta GA and the surrounding areas. The mountains just an hour north of #ATL. Its pretty comforting that logistically its not really that far from the beautiful beaches of sunny Sarasota FL. Basically a day trip. an all day trip but a day is a day. Anyway. Its always an adventure to play music, near or far away. This is my 4th self funded musical road trip supporting my #soloacoustic #liveloop #onehumanband show and #acoustic #originals. Including Oct 2013, July 2015, July 2017 and now June 2018 tours.

always supporting my unreleased releases (hah)

Work 2014 acoustic EP

Time Flies For the Living 2015 EP

Sun Dogs 2017 LP

I write a lot of songs and play a lot of instruments and perform a lot of gigs. I write lyrics everyday and create a song on any instrument i decide to pick up and play. I havent been focused on gathering the information enough to finish a song as of late. but I have them. and they are always in my head. sometimes on repeat. Someday soon i am going to get to sit down and take the time that is necessary to create a solid release.

But for now, I will be rolling through the mountains, playing my guitar, hanging out with my dog #mambotheboxer and staying at a couple fun #airbnb locations. Which is an exciting adventure in of itself.

One bite at a time. Fun fact I moved to St Petersburg FL last month!! moving is hard. But now after I got it cleaned up and painted its reeal nice. so much so I think I should throw a house warming party. Whos in?

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More posts from the road soon. Thanks for reading this. Keep on truckin. -sandi

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