my dog bembe

R.I.P. Bembe Grecco

5.6.06 -5.7.17

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Bembe and I found new ways to communicate, to play and to live everyday. Even though we were both preparing for the inevitable.

Here are a few pix and video of the millions that i have of my dogs Bembe and Mambo. I am sharing. Bembe met and inspired so many people in her last year of life. I should add that she met and inspired tons of people her whole life but her last year in the wheel chair was a profound experience for all of us. I learned how to be a better person because of my dog. She was the smartest, fastest most athletic competitive dog I had ever met. She was my first puppy and unbeknownst to me, my therapy dog. She was The Drum Studio dog. I trained her. Ironically and sadly, the auto-immune neurological disease that robbed her of her life, Degenerative Myelopathy, is an insidious disease that slowly attacks the lining (myelin) around the nerve and kills it causing paralysis and eventually organ failure, much like ALS.
Bembe’ Grecco died with dignity and her facilities in tact Sunday May 7th, 2017 at approx 7:33pm. The sun was setting and she had a wonderful sun filled day swimming at the park (yes she could still swim) catching the ball and lots of cheeseburgers surrounded by her favorite people and brother at her favorite park. The vet met us there. it was peaceful and i have never cried so hard in my life. Mambo stomped angrily and barked as she was leaving us. He still looks intently when ever he sees a wheelchair rolling up in the distance. I miss my dog and believe her spirit runs free at that park. -sandi

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