Market Season 2017 has Arrived!!

2. 1. 2017

I love playing markets. I know I say this a lot. But it is true. The community vibe, people showing up to purchase fresh fruits and veggies from local growers, small business owners showing off their wares to a variety of #marketeers. Most, if not all, are community conscience on many levels. Local coffee shops and desert companies are able to get a footing and make a living doing something they are truly passionate about. Arts and crafts, unique one of a kind items. So. Many. Dogs. As a musician I am able to connect with people, young and old, chat about music and how the weather is while playing my music, growing my fan base and selling my original music to people who appreciate all I do. Farmers Markets are hard work, too. Early hours, long days on your feet carrying things. And no a guarantee that the weather may thwart all of my efforts. I am usually sweating or freezing my ass off. I appreciate what markets do all over the nation, bringing people together in their communities. I am lucky enough to live in a climate that is conducive to many “year round” markets. Yeah, its hot in the summer time but I love it. I got it made in the shade, yo.

My Market Schedule for February 2017

February 1, 2017 Phillippi Farmhouse Market 9:30 am – 2pm

February 3, 2017 Dunedin Downtown Market 9:00am – 2pm

February 4, 2017 Bradenton Farmers Market 10am – 2pm

February 9, 2017 Dearborn Street Market 10am – 2pm

February 19, 2017 Corey Avenue Sunday Market – St Pete Beach 10am – 2pm

Hyde Park Fresh Market Tampa FL June 2016

Hyde Park Fresh Market Tampa FL June 2016


Realize Bradenton Farmers Market and Art SLAM March 2016


My dog Bembe grabbing a treat at Corey Ave Market St. Pete Beach, FL November 2015






Phillippi Estate MArket Sarasota, FL March 2016

Phillippi Estate MArket Sarasota, FL March 2016







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