I. Am. Back. 1/3/18

Happy new year good people.

Ive been locked out of word press.. sing it.. it feeels like ive been locked out of woooord press for so loOoOng….

I havent had any access for quite some time, and my domain was m.i.a. for a while. It still is, technically if youre reading this today you are on sandigreccomusic.com and not sandigrecco.com ?

its been since right after thanksgiving i lost everything and was caught up in a lot of red tape (some my fault)and an intense waiting game. But, slowly and surely and surefooted with the right steps and A LOT of patience it will be all back to good soon.

I will be updating my scheduled on reverbnation asap. Its backlogged ?

My schedule this week is

Aloft Hotel Sarasota Thursday 6 to 10 1/4/18

Daiquiri Deck Siesta Key Friday 4 to 8p 1/5/18

Daiquiri Deck St Armands Saturday 6 to 10p 1/6/18

Stop by and say hi?

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