Well, I have been meaning to write for a few days now. Lots of forward movement in my life! Memorial Day weekend I got last minute calls to play drums with 2 great bands. Midnight Mama & friends at Siesta Key Oyster Bar and The Samantha Leigh Band at Seadog Brewery in Treasure Island.

Sprints at St Pete Beach last week.

June is starting to heat up – I will be drumming this Friday June 11th at The Ale and the witch in downtown St Petersburg with my funk fusion trio Not From Here 7-9. Sundays I am at The Independent with The Sunday Jazz Project 3-6p

I have a random Saturday night off this weekend. But next weekend both Friday and Saturday June 18th & 19th I am back to Siesta Key playing drums at the HuB 8-12 w/ TJ Hitt and Co

The last weekend of June I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT.. Friday night June 25th I am drumming at The Tampa Social with The Samantha Leigh Band 4-7pm and Sunday June 27th I will be playing drums w Rhythm & Boone at Saltys in Gulfport from 4-7

In other news… I had to take a week off of training last month due to an allergic reaction to something maybe grass pollen maybe dust maybe my personality hahaha what ever it was I was able to kick it within a week. I got a covid test for peace of mind, and it was negative.

But before that, I was swimming every day and adding a supplement workout of either strength training, biking, jogging, walking yoga and stretching in the evening.

The swimming and CBD made all the difference in the world despite STILL having barely seen the scale move in the right direction I am noticing an amazing difference in my mobility, flexibility, overall attitude, strength, muscle tone… Its all starting to come back, YAY.

And it makes sense, anyone who knows me knows that I took my 2 dogs swimming almost every day and administered CDB oil every day to them. Why? To help relieve pain swelling and change of attitude. So why didn’t I start taking care of myself sooner? There is a back story, of course there is, but saving that for another post.

I am back to training again full-time since last week. I have 2 new PR’s to report, I swam my fastest 250 yards (1/4 mile) in 8 minutes and 13 seconds, considering I have this extra 20 pounds on me and I swim in clothes that create drag, my other 3 250’s weren’t shabby either. 9:01 8:22 and 8:14

Not bad for training myself back in 2013. Before that, I COULD NOT SWIM, so basically my whole life. I was a doggy paddle wonder. Now I am swimming freestyle!

Now to the running, this year and last have been a tough one and a bit of a heartbreaker for me. I am still working on getting my knees back to 100 percent. They are so much better now I can run again, but I still have physical therapy that I do every day. I don’t have great insurance so I have been nursing myself back to good this whole time. Learning what to do on YouTube. At some point, I will write a very interesting and sadly funny story about how I injured myself last summer and what it did to my life, by having a debilitating injury.

Which is one of the reasons I gained so much weight quickly in the first place, but I would be lying if I said it was the main reason. More on that someday too. My running game is on a comeback. I used to be able to run a few miles at about 10 minutes each. But after coming back this time it was NOT GOOD..

It was way worse than when I started running 10 years ago. I’ll spare you the details, my 1/4 mile sprints are averaging 12 minute miles as of last week, but last night I ran a 1/4 mile sprint averaging 11:38 which is amazing, I am very happy with my progress.

I made a commitment to follow through with this, I will be in the best shape of my life when I turn 50 next month. I want to play drums with new bands and reconnect with old musician friends. I have been so down for so long, but there is only one way out. Drums, my health, and making solid connections are all I want in however much life I have left on this earth. Make good choices and be your best self. Humbly yours, sandi

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