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Well, I have to say todays Jazz at The Independent was solid, entertaining and intelligent. My mind is always buzzing with polyrhythms and melodies after the jazz. I have been practicing drums again regularly since July 2020, with intention, not so much fancy drum fills or cool drum stick twirls or sticks. But more, the fundamental building blocks of being a good drummer. Yes, I practice to a click and different rhythm sequences, it helps all areas within my skill. Without proper timing, subdividing rhythms into different rates of speed cannot be done unless your timing (your internal clock) is adequate. I’m practicing and transcribing a lot of 7 and 5 groupings and am finally (comfortably) hearing the way those timings land against the original pulse. It’s kind of like this… you know those drawings that you can see two completely different things depending on where you focus at? Well, polyrhythms are kinda like that but for your ears.

In other news, the Fitbit was not cutting it. It failed during workouts and monitoring my sleep more than once. So I did what anyone would do, I returned it and got an Apple Watch. WOW!! So this thing is cool!! I haven’t worn a watch in many many years. My feeble attempt to avoid time. Now have all my apps on my wrist and I have to say that’s pretty awesome. We shall see how it tracks my sleeps and swims though…

Oh!! and gigs this month (so far) I have a couple of fun gigs on drums. Sunday, May 9th I AM PLAYING HARD ROCK (poolside) from 2 to 6 with Chris Flowers Band – Land of Flowers. So EXCITED!!!!!

On May 12th at The Mill in Tampa I will be playing with Austin Gill and John Hetherington (of Midnight Mama). Really looking forward to that too!

I also uploaded the lyrics to my latest release Moving Forward. Check the home page of my website for the new link. After you read the lyrics hop on over to Spotify and follow me!

Make good decisions and do something nice for yourself. YOU DESERVE IT.


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