Drums with The Chris Walker Band 2 13 16

This was rad!! I met Chris earlier this day in Englewood Fl. where his studio Gulf Sound resides. It is a part of the epic creative portal known as The Open Studio (TOS) I was invited to play a set of music #soloacoustic #liveloops for their 5 year anniversary festival. it was an awesome day of music, musicians, art and artists. Inspiring with tons of positive vibrations and great food from The Real Juice Bar. I should post pictures and video from that day…Anyways, I meet chris and after we were chatting for awhile in his studio he mentions he gotta get moving cuz hes’ performing out on Siesta later that night. I was like, so am I. On my break from my #soloacoustic #liveloops show, my drummer and I strolled over to chris’ gig at The Blase Cafe and the drummer kindly let me sit in for a tune. Thank you, sir!

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