Many exciting things are a brewing right now, slowly bubbling their way to the surface. In true Sandi fashion… I just watched these videos from 2007 of my students jamming, for the very first time. Yes, meaning I have had the DVD for 11 years. Recorded by a parent. Running a successful business is hard, but when your the director, teacher (of 3 instruments), admin, mentor, sound person, instrument tech, roadie, and clean up crew plus being full time working musician…sometimes things can really go by the way side. Well here is something I am extremely proud of. The little people in these videos are now alllllll grown up. And several of these fine musicians are bonafide rockstars, on the road playing music in bands all over the globe, fulfilling their dreams. Some are doctors, emts, lawyers and some are parents..some are still finding their way. This is what I did for well over a decade, I taught people about music and inspired them. What ever level, age. It didn’t matter. We all eventually played music together. I created an amazing, one of a kind, first of its kind (in Sarasota) musical environment at THE DRUM STUDIO, where my students could be the best versions of themselves. I am proud of me for this. These people are my family and always in my heart. and where ever they go a piece of me goes along for the ride!  Being a teacher could seem like a thankless job when you’re in the trenches. But when you’re on the other side of all this greatness, there is no feeling in the world that can top this. I cant thank the families and students of The Drum Studio enough for allowing me the distinct opportunity and pleasure to create music with and for them. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES AND THE JAMS. LETS JAM AGAIN SOON. -Sandi

Look for more videos soon. I literally have hundreds of hours of wonderful memories I will share with you. Jam nights, performances, recitals and student rock concerts. But, just in case you may have wondered where in the heck I came from or who I was before you met me. RIGHT here is where I was EVERY DAY for over a decade, I dedicated my life and time to my students. I wouldn’t change that for ANYTHING.

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