Weight loss goals…

2020 was a roller coaster for me in many ways but one that has always been my Achilles heel is my yo-yo weight. Up down up down, I know I lost the same 20 pounds a dozen or more times. But, 2020 was a little different and way more extreme. I started 2020 at 147 and by mid March I was 127 the lightest I’ve ever been in my adult life, then by july I was back to 147 and by November I was 167!!! The heaviest I’ve been in over a decade. I made a commitment to my self to lose the weight responsibly, dedicating myself to eating nutritious and balanced meals and exercise with accountability. So I joined this gym called The Forge, they have a six week challenge and I am challenging myself. This is hard work. Harder than starving myself, harder than quitting drinking (easy!) or smoking (weed) which I quit in the beginning of 2020. If you want to find out more about The Forge contact me and I’ll tell you who to talk to.

I’ll save the full body picture for when I’m done, lol. My goal is to lose this weight once and for all!

There, I said it !

I’ll keep you posted here on my weight loss journey, have a great day!

Day 1 (you have to start somewhere)


Life continues and is NOT decided by dates on a calendar

IMO I find that if you feel better saying that you are going to do a hard reset on January 1st more power to you. But, I have been changing and moving forward through it all this year. I was homeless and living a quarantined Life in my car for several months (5 to be specific) before COVID-19 was even a thing. Over the year, I lost a ton of weight ( which I gained all back plus some) lived in Airbnb’s, slept on couches and park benches. I lost my dog, mambo who died July 16 and he died a terrible death due to lack of care at the end and I think, a broken heart. Because I surrendered him to someone who did not give him the love he required to keep on living. He gave up. That’s really why my year sucked. I’d go back to living in my car with him if I could get my dog back. But that’s not how life works. I’m dogless for the first time in over 20 years.

I’m thankful that I am working again, playing drums in several great projects (Sunday Jazz project with James Suggs, Ben Lushka band and my trio – Not From Here). Plus my solo gig (Check out my schedule and come to a show!)

New Years set up today at Dan Painters Tiny Town

I’m teaching again, several students per week (ukulele, guitar and drums)! Plus, I just got out of the studio where I recorded 2 brand new songs. I wrote them in April during the lockdown. And earlier this month I recorded all of the instruments and vocals. I can’t wait to release them, literally.

A few of my resolutions are to keep on keeping on, whether it be drums, guitar, teaching, posting tutorials or making new friends and connections.

I’m thankful I wasn’t successful enough on March 17th when I was baker acted. This year was about letting go of people I cared about that did not care about me. From my family to friends, band mates to an old love. I wish you well. And when I see you again around the bend. Well, we shall see what happens. Happy new year, 2021 here we come!

Sandi and Mambo (rip)

One of the 2 best dogs in the universe

Live Drum Lesson at Noon!

Today Ill be rockin a bit with the song Still into you by Paramore. I transcribed the first minute and 20 seconds. Pro tip: most pop songs repeat after the verse and chorus with only minor changes to the structure and drum fills. So this will give you a great footing to get started on playing along with this song! Remember if this is “too easy” for you, there is always someone that needs instruction so find them and teach them!

Ill be live on my face book fan page www.facebook.com/sandigreccomusic at noon so make sure to tune in and say hi!

Online Drum Lesson today at 2 pm

Todays lesson I’ll be discussing the late great drummer for the iconic band Led Zeppelin. This should definitely not go over like a lead balloon! There are so many examples of this lick being performed he has been chosen to be the moniker of a set of linear quarter note triplets.

Tune in to my youtube channel www.youtube.com/drumstudiomusic to join the live stream video lesson! The kick drum is displaced every 4 measures. have fun drumming!