New Brush Video filmed in Asheville, NC

Hi! I am sharing some of my brush technique with you! please SHARE this video. Thanks for watching and subscribing to my channel too. It means the world to me that you take the time to do so. Have a great Saturday!

Double today, literally. haha. Lucky’s Market noon to 3 and Speaks Clam Bar on St Armands 6 to 9.

Double Tomorrow too (two) The Independent 3 to 5 Jazz Project (brushin) The Queens Head 6:30 to 9

Double down town tonight. – sandi

May 2019 Dates

Hi, here are some dates to catch me performing MAY 2019

May 1st Blase Cafe & Martini Bar (Siesta Key) 6 to 10pm

May 3, 2019 Lucky’s Market Cafe 3 to 6pm Every Other Friday

May 4th, 2019 The Independent (St Pete) #onehumanband 3 to 6p

May 5th, 2019 The Independent (St Pete) #drums w/ The Sunday Jazz Project 3 to 5p

May 5th, 2019 Trophy Fish (St Pete) 6 to 9pm

May 7th, 2019 The Five O’clock Club Host Open Jam 8 to 12a EVERY TUESDAY

May 8th, 2019 W XYZ Lounge at ALOFT HOTEL SRQ 6 to 10p EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY

May 9th, 2019 Ringside Cafe (St Pete) #drums w Stephanie D’ Angelo 9 to 1pm

May 10th, 2019 The Queens Head (St Pete) 730 to 1030p SECOND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH

May 11th, 2019 Gaspars Grotto (Ybor City) 4 to 8pm

May 12th, 2019 The Independent (St Pete) #drums w/ The Sunday Jazz Project 3 to 5p

May 14th, 2019 The Five O’clock Club Host Open Jam 8 to 12a EVERY TUESDAY

May 15, 2019 Blase Cafe & Martini Bar (Siesta Key) 6 to 10p

May 17th, 2019 Lucky’s Market (Siesta Dr) 3 to 6p (EVERY OTHER FRIDAY)

May 18, 2019 Orange Blossom Jamboree #drums w Stephanie D’ Angelo (Brooksville, FL) DAY

May 18, 2019 The Reserve SRQ #drums w Kelly Neff 7:30p

May 19th, 2019 The Independent (St Pete) #drums w/ The Sunday Jazz Project 3 to 5p

May 21st, 2019 S.K.O.B. Siesta Key Oyster Bar (Siesta Key, FL) 1 to 5pm

May 21st, 2019 The Five O’clock Club Host Open Jam 8 to 12a EVERY TUESDAY

May 22nd, 2019 The ALOFT HOTEL SRQ (Sarasota) 6 to 10p

May 25th, 2019 The Iberian Rooster #drums w/ Stephanie D’Angelo Trio (St Pete) 10:30 to 1a

May 26th, 2019 The Independent (St Pete ) #drums w The Sunday Jazz Project 3 to 5p

May 26th, 2019 The Queens Head Drums/ Organ duo w/Ben Winkler and Special Guest (TBA)

May 28th, 2019 The Five O’clock Club Host Open Jam 8 to 12a

May 29, 2019 Blase Cafe & Martini Bar (Siesta Key) 6 to 10p

May 30th, 2019 Jr’s PackingHouse (Sarasota) 6 to 9pm

May 31st, 2019 Craft Growlers To Go (Lakewood Ranch) 8 to 11p

Hope to see you out there! And remember if you’re not out there, you’re not going to get anywhere!! Be well, stay well and do well.


Google Reviews from my music family here at The Drum Studio – School of Music

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Thanks for leaving a review if you fancy. It truly has been a humbling experience to read the reviews. You warmed this ole heart of mine, thanks for the memories



Volumes exhibit Drum Solo at The Ringling Museum,Sarasota FL

I got on the schedule! Thats what mattered most to me. Back in December 2017 I read about an open call for drummers to perform in the art exhibit coming toThe Ringling Museum in Sarasota Fl. In August 2018. Created by Ezra Masch and curated by Sonja Shea.

The following three links to view my performance are below:

Full 20 minute DRUM SOLO on Facebook ??????

Out take 3 minute drum DRUM SOLO on YouTube????

Wide angle gopro stills on Instagram


The back story…

I responded initially and again after the first response back. But then I didnt follow through anymore. I let the ball drop because of depression. January was a difficult month for me, it was touch and go. But I made it. I started with the babyist of baby steps and now 7 months later, I have so many new friends, new opportunities and fun times ahead. It’s pretty incredible how fast you can turn things around if you force your hand. Or are handed the force. Either one will do in this case.

Well, back to volumes…lol

In August, I saw several of my friends had multiple performances each coming up on the schedule, I thought maaaaybe someone might want to give one up. Nope. No one did. And that’s ok I cant really blame them.?‍♀️ Anyhow, that was just the catalyst to get my own spot to perform. I wasnt listed on the schedule nor my name on the etched plaque outside the exhibit. I didnt get to meet the artist in residence either. I missed out on those opportunities. I am mindful about the lesson here.

But, I made it to the set ???

August 28th 2018 at 3pm I lit those lights like fire. It was exhilarating and mind blowing. I want to play that set again someday. It’s kinda like the feeling you would get climbing on a carillon or a giant pipe organ you’d find in an old catholic church. And then get to perform on it. So cool. Simply amazing. Thank you, I am humbled i was able to be a part of this.

– sandi and #mambotheboxer ?

SOUNDCLOUD – I made one, finally!!


So, for those of you who know me kinda well, you know I love to record my shows. I have always said I am going to need something to watch, listen to and do in my old age. Well back when I was younger and super ambitious I used to not only bring the drums and P.A. system but more than occasionally I would bring out my portable digital recorder. A Korg 1600DM. It had 8 XLR inputs and several stereo input channels. I took every opportunity to mic up my drums and my stage and record the band and then take it home and mix it. Basically because I am a nerd and I wanted to learn how to do it. So I did it. This is back in the early 2000s, btw. I can honestly say my learning process at times can be process of elimination. If at first you do not succeed try and try again. One of my mottos. I got pretty good at it for a hobby. I recorded several bands at The Drum Studio over the years too. making demos. Its a lot easier to do these things nowadays with a DAW on a computer but I am old school. I started using 4 track recorders in High School (the 80’s). My Dad finally bought a Fostex 280 4 track (which i still have) and would let me use it to record, I recorded my first songs with all the instruments (drums, bass, guitar, vox) on it starting at around 17 years old. I still have the recordings.. All these Years later I have a full length album currently being remixed and mastered. Its Called Sun Dogs. Where I perform all the instruments and wrote the songs. Its coming around to a full circle and will release Spring 2019. These things I do, I do them for me. And they aren’t new to me or you. But I keep getting a little better each time. and thats enough to inspire myself. That is what motivates me. That is what keeps me going.

Anyways back to my Sound Cloud Im uploading all the different recordings of me playing DRUMS over the years since moving to Florida. about 17 years now.

Please visit and fan my SoundCloud. Its a great easy to use and share platform for audio files. I have tons of them. Cant wait to share them with you 🙂

Thanks for reading this 🙂
Sandi and #mambotheboxer