Live Drum Lesson at Noon!

Today Ill be rockin a bit with the song Still into you by Paramore. I transcribed the first minute and 20 seconds. Pro tip: most pop songs repeat after the verse and chorus with only minor changes to the structure and drum fills. So this will give you a great footing to get started on playing along with this song! Remember if this is “too easy” for you, there is always someone that needs instruction so find them and teach them!

Ill be live on my face book fan page at noon so make sure to tune in and say hi!

Online Drum Lesson today at 2 pm

Todays lesson I’ll be discussing the late great drummer for the iconic band Led Zeppelin. This should definitely not go over like a lead balloon! There are so many examples of this lick being performed he has been chosen to be the moniker of a set of linear quarter note triplets.

Tune in to my youtube channel to join the live stream video lesson! The kick drum is displaced every 4 measures. have fun drumming!