Atlanta June 2018

So, before I get wrapped up in the next adventure, I thought I’d share some interesting and awkward experiences about my time spent in Atlanta this weekend.

The Piedmont park market is always a hoot. And the #marketeers are so eclectic and chill. After finding creamer for my coffee at banjo coffee ( my Airbnb creamer smelled sour =/ ) I played a couple sets. And before I knew it it was over.

Here is a dude on a unicycle..

The five hour energy girls gave me some free samples of the new flavor… passionfruit. It was good. I don’t consume that stuff anymore, but after driving 500 miles on 4 hours of sleep and then starting your first gig at 10am. I have to say that was some good timing for a nice pick me up.

Packed up and headed for a shady spot in the park to relax have some water and play my ukulele. I found a staircase that looked inviting. Sat down and worked on a new song for a bit. After many lovely interactions; a dad and his 2 kids, they howled for about 5 minutes with mambo, a nice couple who offered to take this photo, and tons random smiles and nods. All the good stuff!

I had noticed a shirtless young man who looked a bit disheveled and homeless walk up the stairs and mumble something. I didn’t pay any more attention than that.

About 20 minutes later, I hear loud fast footsteps coming from behind. I then see the same young man land at the bottom of the staircase and blow his nostrils out so hard I saw the light mist burst out and felt a few drops on my face. I stood still. He turned on his heels ran back up one flight of steps sat down and chuckled. In my head I’m memorizing the exact spots of the nostril blast landing and rejoicing that I had my sunglasses on and left hand basically covering my my mouth and nose as I was “thinking about lyrics. I stood up and turned and asked him why he did that? Did what he said? Don’t play mind games with me dude. If you wanted money or for me to move, why didn’t you just ask me? Why be that rude, Did your mom raise you like that? He said he didn’t want my money or for me to move. I tried talking to him, but he was saying inaudible things and not really interested. Moving along…

Well, as you can imagine, I wasnt too happy at that moment. Walking back to my car I slathered myself with hand sanatizer and decided to get to the gig earlier. Traffic was intense for a Saturday and found myself in a web of detours and landed here next.

I had the greenest superfood smoothie from arden’s gardens and it was delicious. I hoped it would boost my defenses and thwart off any parasites the nostril blast may have delivered. Lol. So far I’m ok.

I arrived at f.r.o.g.s. in mid town and played a couple sets. It was a lot of fun. They are wonderful there, and always have been. They’ve been a solid anchor in my traveling musical adventures. Very accommodating and tasty food and drinks. In part with their support I am able to do this. I am so grateful to be here and playing music.

Me and #mambotheboxer at frogs Mexican cantina.

Before checking out of my airbnb I thought I’d go for a quick run. And after about a mile in I had this feeling to stop and check my pocket for the key to my place. It was gone!! I retraced my steps, nothing. I was officially locked out for a couple hours. Not sure what happened to the key. Or why I felt the sense of urgency to look for it. It worked out in the end but what a drag.

Thanks for reading this. Keep on truckin yo.


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