Al Downing Jazz Association – Women in Jazz III 2010

There is a super cool pic in this imformative blog from jazz lands. with mentions of local tampa bay jazz friends, Larue, jeremy powell patty sanphy, anne van atta and more.

The Al Downing Jazz Association presented Women in Jazz III (2010) with national artists performing at The Palladium. The Ryhthm section as far as I remember were local female musicians Patty Sanphy on guitar and Anne Van Atta on the Bass. We got a handful of charts from each artist and rehearsed same day w them. I remember taking a nap in my car before the show. lol. It was a great night of music and as usual went by too fast!

WMNF promoted the Women in Jazz III on their show women in jazz. I just finished recording a 4 tune jazz ep with my fellow comrades David Cubillos and Jeremy Downing. WMNF played #sevenstepstoheaven on air. that was cool. here are the original recordings for now. I will search the inter webs further to find the radio show archive on wmnf.

Listen to seven steps to heaven by thedrumstudio #np on #SoundCloud

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