SOUNDCLOUD – I made one, finally!!


So, for those of you who know me kinda well, you know I love to record my shows. I have always said I am going to need something to watch, listen to and do in my old age. Well back when I was younger and super ambitious I used to not only bring the drums and P.A. system but more than occasionally I would bring out my portable digital recorder. A Korg 1600DM. It had 8 XLR inputs and several stereo input channels. I took every opportunity to mic up my drums and my stage and record the band and then take it home and mix it. Basically because I am a nerd and I wanted to learn how to do it. So I did it. This is back in the early 2000s, btw. I can honestly say my learning process at times can be process of elimination. If at first you do not succeed try and try again. One of my mottos. I got pretty good at it for a hobby. I recorded several bands at The Drum Studio over the years too. making demos. Its a lot easier to do these things nowadays with a DAW on a computer but I am old school. I started using 4 track recorders in High School (the 80’s). My Dad finally bought a Fostex 280 4 track (which i still have) and would let me use it to record, I recorded my first songs with all the instruments (drums, bass, guitar, vox) on it starting at around 17 years old. I still have the recordings.. All these Years later I have a full length album currently being remixed and mastered. Its Called Sun Dogs. Where I perform all the instruments and wrote the songs. Its coming around to a full circle and will release Spring 2019. These things I do, I do them for me. And they aren’t new to me or you. But I keep getting a little better each time. and thats enough to inspire myself. That is what motivates me. That is what keeps me going.

Anyways back to my Sound Cloud Im uploading all the different recordings of me playing DRUMS over the years since moving to Florida. about 17 years now.

Please visit and fan my SoundCloud. Its a great easy to use and share platform for audio files. I have tons of them. Cant wait to share them with you πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading this πŸ™‚
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Al Downing Jazz Association – Women in Jazz III 2010

There is a super cool pic in this imformative blog from jazz lands. with mentions of local tampa bay jazz friends, Larue, jeremy powell patty sanphy, anne van atta and more.

The Al Downing Jazz Association presented Women in Jazz III (2010) with national artists performing at The Palladium. The Ryhthm section as far as I remember were local female musicians Patty Sanphy on guitar and Anne Van Atta on the Bass. We got a handful of charts from each artist and rehearsed same day w them. I remember taking a nap in my car before the show. lol. It was a great night of music and as usual went by too fast!

WMNF promoted the Women in Jazz III on their show women in jazz. I just finished recording a 4 tune jazz ep with my fellow comrades David Cubillos and Jeremy Downing. WMNF played #sevenstepstoheaven on air. that was cool. here are the original recordings for now. I will search the inter webs further to find the radio show archive on wmnf.

Listen to seven steps to heaven by thedrumstudio #np on #SoundCloud

#tbt 2010 FREEBIRD The Drum Studio – Rock Band Summer Camp Rock Show

Hello! Ive never forgotten this moment. These are the days that make up for the long haul in the trenches of teaching ?

I am an inspirationalist (my word), i inspire people to do better and more with their life. Be it music, athletics, mindfulness what ever. I am a forever student and am always starting anew. All the potential to learn new things about me and the world motivate me to be better and in doing so, I help others be better everyday.

I opened The Drum Studio in 2002. With no social media (that wasnt even a word yet, hah), it was and is still all by #wordofmouth With no money/ loans – I used my personal instruments and worked 3 jobs (teacher, drummer and painter of houses by day to open my studio). No family support – but more on all that sooner than later. I am still here Rockin ? at the first Rock School – Music Studio in Sarasota County EST 2002. So, you may have a rock compound or a music box. I applaud you???, I really do. And I think youre super cool but.. you’ll never be as cool as a band full of teens ROCKIN #freebird at the end of rock band camp week to their parents holding up lighters on their phone, cool ? (Watch at about 2:45 )?

I always had the vision to create what I did not have growing up. Music Lessons!! I wanted a fun all inclusive music school for young musicians to be themselves and create their music on their level with their ideas. I succeeded and am proud of myself!

Sandi and #mambotheboxer?

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#TBT 2008 Giving Hunger the Blues Chase Vickers rockin the Youth Stage

#tbt 2008 Giving Hunger the Blues Block Party #givinghungertheblues The Largest Charitable event in Sarasota County. Chase Vickers cut his teeth having his first performance on the youth stage (2 latched together Budweiser trailers with no sun cover) at age 8 opening for The Drum Studio All Stars (original) at The 2005 Giving Hunger the Blues Festival Block Party on Hillview Ave in Sarasota FL.

at about minute 7 the toms start falling off the kit.. lol

Chase Vickers – Drums

Mark Staib – Bass

Sandi Grecco – Guitar

Here Chase is 3 years later garnering a crowd worthy of main stage consideration as you can see in this video. Please enjoy this and keep in mind this that this is the fruit of 3 years labor in the shed. we worked hard, broke copious amounts of sticks and cymbals and were committed to improvement with a FOCUS on performance in weekly lessons at The Drum Studio through out the year. I ( The Drum Studio) facilitated the youth stage for 10 years officially in 2005. Hundreds of Sarasota county youth musicians were involved in the biggest block party Sarasota County has ever experienced.

Within only 3 years the youth stage BECAME the main attraction at #givinghungertheblues We were rewarded and upgraded to a real stage, sun cover and sound system! In fact, in 2009 Drum Studio Alumni/ American Idol Finalist Syesha Mercado agreed to perform Main Stage, just as long as her original 2005 crew was there with her. We performed to a sold out crowd of over 5000 paid admissions. The highest numbers Giving Hunger the Blues has ever seen. The Drum Studio was instrumental and an integral part of the success of Giving Hunger The Blues.

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#TBT “Not From Here performs at Giving Hunger the Blues 2008 (main stage)” on YouTube

Here is a nice 20 minutes video of my band going what we do in a Funk Latin Blues context at 2008 Giving Hunger the Blues #givinghungertheblues #mainstage

This is my band NOT FROM HEREΒ An instrumental funk latin jazz band performing in and around Sarasota FL. In fact we used to perform regularly at The 5 O’Clock Club Friday nights for the happy hour, which started at 530…lol

Ive had several members flow in and out over the years. From the ashes of the original 2005 Drum Studio All Star Band w Syesha Mercado, Funk shui was formed in 2006. In 2008 I changed the name of the band to Not From Here

Giving Hunger the Blues was born out of a fundraiser held INSIDE the 5 “O”Β  in the early 90s and was driven with the passion and common goal to feed and protect the needy children of Sarasota County. The brainchild of founder George Generoso (owner of The 5 O). Completely 100 percent volunteer driven and community oriented. It brought everyone in the county together to make a difference for the common cause. It also made its way to be the biggest block party and charitable event in #sarasotacounty history.

Sandi Grecco – Drums

Tyler Adams – Guitar Chris Guertin – Bass

David Cubillos – Piano

The Chicken, St Thomas, A Night in Tunisia

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Many exciting things are a brewing right now, slowly bubbling their way to the surface. In true Sandi fashion… I just watched these videos from 2007 of my students jamming, for the very first time. Yes, meaning I have had the DVD for 11 years. Recorded by a parent. Running a successful business is hard, but when your the director, teacher (of 3 instruments), admin, mentor, sound person, instrument tech, roadie, and clean up crew plus being full time working musician…sometimes things can really go by the way side. Well here is something I am extremely proud of. The little people in these videos are now alllllll grown up. And several of these fine musicians are bonafide rockstars, on the road playing music in bands all over the globe, fulfilling their dreams. Some are doctors, emts, lawyers and some are parents..some are still finding their way. This is what I did for well over a decade, I taught people about music and inspired them. What ever level, age. It didn’t matter. We all eventually played music together. I created an amazing, one of a kind, first of its kind (in Sarasota) musical environment at THE DRUM STUDIO, where my students could be the best versions of themselves. I am proud of me for this. These people are my family and always in my heart. and where ever they go a piece of me goes along for the ride!Β  Being a teacher could seem like a thankless job when you’re in the trenches. But when you’re on the other side of all this greatness, there is no feeling in the world that can top this. I cant thank the families and students of The Drum Studio enough for allowing me the distinct opportunity and pleasure to create music with and for them. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES AND THE JAMS. LETS JAM AGAIN SOON. -Sandi

Look for more videos soon. I literally have hundreds of hours of wonderful memories I will share with you. Jam nights, performances, recitals and student rock concerts. But, just in case you may have wondered where in the heck I came from or who I was before you met me. RIGHT here is where I was EVERY DAY for over a decade, I dedicated my life and time to my students. I wouldn’t change that for ANYTHING.

Double Today, Double Tomorrow & Double Drums This Weekend!

20180706 003215

Yep! Itss one of those weekends… 5 gigs in 48 hours. #warrior mode

This afternoon I’m #soloacoustic #liveloops on #siestakey #village at The Daiquiri Deck from 3 to 7pm for the Happy Hour Extravaganza.

TONIGHT #drums

At The Gator Club in downtown #sarasota with Tampa Bay rock band Mixed Signal 930pm til 2am.. (the coal miner shift) w/ #melissamcghee #garyschutt #vincemini

Bound to be a blast and a half. I am bringing the full set and singing some some songs!


Daiquiri Deck St Armands Circle noon to 4 (covering for #theloopingperformer #scottcurts )

And again 6 to 10pm


SUNDAY JAZZ DRUMS AT THE INDEPENDENT on Central Ave in St Pete, Fl #dtsp

3 to 5 PM w James Suggs and Jeremy Douglass


Special guests and organical vibes, beer wine and #motherkombucha #tea #ontap

I hope to see you out there! #musicislife #ijustwannaplay ???????

Sandi and #mambotheboxer





meet me in the mountains…

Happy Independence Day, Yay!

Double today!!!

Fire in the trees. Sunset at The Biltmore Estate June 2018…

Let freedom ring..


Siesta Key South 1 – 5pm

20180220 180637 (1)



Siesta key is currently full of cars, and a it’s only 1 pm… so bike, trolley or roller skate over the bridge if possible. oh! And wear sunscreen. The sun is a butcher.

TRYST on Beach Drive 7 to 10pm

20171228 213427 (1)


I’ll be #liveloops #soloacoustic #onehumanband

And the fire works will be on and poppin in the bay tonight!! Beach drive will be a parking lot. Come out and hang and enjoy that freedom feeling with us !!

Sandi and #mambotheboxer