This week in: Asheville, NC


I hope you are enjoying these last few weeks of Spring 2018. I know I am ๐Ÿฅ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽธ its feeling like summer, but it hasn’t even started yet!

20180613 120210

Bliggity blog;

I had an amazing time performing in Asheville NC. Performing a week long residency #singing #liveloops #soloacoustic #onehumanband and sitting in on #drums with some amazing cats that reside here ๐Ÿ™‚

#daygig ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

The Biltmore grounds are absolutely astounding and so rich with history. I recommend visiting when you’re #ontheroadagain


These pics I took Tuesday evening after work. I went for a 3 mile run and snapped these while walking mambo during my cool down. There are no filters on these..

20180612 202431


20180612 204130


20180613 200556


20180614 201527

#sunset #fire

The weather couldnt have been better. And my #airbnb location was 3 minutes from the #biltmoreestate. I was on time every day, early actually… Every morning was peaceful. The air felt thin and crispy during my walks with #mambotheboxer in the #riverartsdistrict

20180611 093519

And as the day progressed the sun would slowly start to heat up the air. Such a good feeling.

20180611 094017

#smalladventure my tire light came on Monday morning as I was rolling in to the estate. I had to get several new tires for my new whip on my 2017 tour. Including one in Asheville.


20180614 082711

Tire – 200

tradition – priceless ๐Ÿ™„

Last performance of the week 11 yr old Patrick, from Jacksonville cuddled with mambo for about 2 hours, maybe longer. His parents were super cool, they have an Irish Pub on Atlantic Beach and invited me to stay and play. Small world. #networking at its finest.

You have to be outside to get anywhere. -sg

20180614 182241

20180614 170054

Snapped these last few shots on my way out Thursday night..

20180612 194516

20180614 202512

Friday was my first day off, after checking out of my #airbnb I headed over to my #bff’s pad out in west #avl and met their house guests who are rehabbing an old school bus. #inspiring #goals

20180615 151701

20180615 145928

Next destination; mountains rolled north up the #blueridgeparkway made it to #chimneyrock and #linvillefalls I have some amazing pictures to post on my next update.

Stay tuned..

Thanks for reading my biggity blog and see you out there

Biltmore Chihuly-24

Double Today, Double Tomorrow & Double Drums This Weekend!

20180706 003215

Yep! Itss one of those weekends… 5 gigs in 48 hours. #warrior mode

This afternoon I’m #soloacoustic #liveloops on #siestakey #village at The Daiquiri Deck from 3 to 7pm for the Happy Hour Extravaganza.

TONIGHT #drums

At The Gator Club in downtown #sarasota with Tampa Bay rock band Mixed Signal 930pm til 2am.. (the coal miner shift) w/ #melissamcghee #garyschutt #vincemini

Bound to be a blast and a half. I am bringing the full set and singing some some songs!


Daiquiri Deck St Armands Circle noon to 4 (covering for #theloopingperformer #scottcurts )

And again 6 to 10pm


SUNDAY JAZZ DRUMS AT THE INDEPENDENT on Central Ave in St Pete, Fl #dtsp

3 to 5 PM w James Suggs and Jeremy Douglass


Special guests and organical vibes, beer wine and #motherkombucha #tea #ontap

I hope to see you out there! #musicislife #ijustwannaplay ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿฅ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽธ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿถ

Sandi and #mambotheboxer





meet me in the mountains…

Happy Independence Day, Yay!

Double today!!!

Fire in the trees. Sunset at The Biltmore Estate June 2018…

Let freedom ring..


Siesta Key South 1 – 5pm

20180220 180637 (1)



Siesta key is currently full of cars, and a it’s only 1 pm… so bike, trolley or roller skate over the bridge if possible. oh! And wear sunscreen. The sun is a butcher.

TRYST on Beach Drive 7 to 10pm

20171228 213427 (1)


I’ll be #liveloops #soloacoustic #onehumanband

And the fire works will be on and poppin in the bay tonight!! Beach drive will be a parking lot. Come out and hang and enjoy that freedom feeling with us !!

Sandi and #mambotheboxer


I’ll Be Around

We played this today at The Independent, the jazz project w James Suggs, Jeremy Douglass and myself. It was a beautiful rendition. Also, I love sundays. I get to play drums in the sunshine to an ambitious enthusiastic supportive ever growing crowd and feel in tune with and in sync with myself. Finally.

Billie Holiday

Mountain Views pt 1 of many

20180617 194557

Hi! I am back in Sunny #sarasota FL. Back to the grind and humidity. Holy hell its hot yo. Tonight I am #soloacoustic #liveloops at The #ALOFT HOTEL SRQ 6 to 10. So get your Pre Pride Party on with me! This post is mostly going to be pics of my last few days in Asheville. I actually took 3 entire days off over the weekend to re-connect with nature and the vibrant music scene of #AVL . My natural habitat.

20180615 174328

20180615 191341

Friday I took a long leisurely drive up to Linville, NC, and made it The Winery and Falls before sun down. The original bottle I bought broke. Busted out of the bottom of the bag. #mambotheboxer got a cut on his paw =/ I ended getting a new bottle and we both (Mambo & I) ended up making new friends. Mambo is fine ๐Ÿ™‚

20180615 182939

20180615 182056

20180615 182224

20180615 182314

here is the wine we will drink someday…

Afterwords we headed to the Falls.. here is the approach to Chimney Rock Falls

20180615 194617

20180615 200335

20180615 200444

20180615 202727

20180615 201703

#cheese thinking #waterfall thoughts..

Mambo handled the hikes like the warrior he is. This one was a 1.5 miles. up hill. both ways. lol

I headed back to downtown AVL and caught the last set of a killer jam at Foggy Mountain Brewing. I will add more pics to this post so check back, if ya want. Up next Chicken Village..

-Sandi and #mambotheboxer

Atlanta June 2018

So, before I get wrapped up in the next adventure, I thought I’d share some interesting and awkward experiences about my time spent in Atlanta this weekend.

The Piedmont park market is always a hoot. And the #marketeers are so eclectic and chill. After finding creamer for my coffee at banjo coffee ( my Airbnb creamer smelled sour =/ ) I played a couple sets. And before I knew it it was over.

Here is a dude on a unicycle..

The five hour energy girls gave me some free samples of the new flavor… passionfruit. It was good. I don’t consume that stuff anymore, but after driving 500 miles on 4 hours of sleep and then starting your first gig at 10am. I have to say that was some good timing for a nice pick me up.

Packed up and headed for a shady spot in the park to relax have some water and play my ukulele. I found a staircase that looked inviting. Sat down and worked on a new song for a bit. After many lovely interactions; a dad and his 2 kids, they howled for about 5 minutes with mambo, a nice couple who offered to take this photo, and tons random smiles and nods. All the good stuff!

I had noticed a shirtless young man who looked a bit disheveled and homeless walk up the stairs and mumble something. I didn’t pay any more attention than that.

About 20 minutes later, I hear loud fast footsteps coming from behind. I then see the same young man land at the bottom of the staircase and blow his nostrils out so hard I saw the light mist burst out and felt a few drops on my face. I stood still. He turned on his heels ran back up one flight of steps sat down and chuckled. In my head I’m memorizing the exact spots of the nostril blast landing and rejoicing that I had my sunglasses on and left hand basically covering my my mouth and nose as I was “thinking about lyrics. I stood up and turned and asked him why he did that? Did what he said? Don’t play mind games with me dude. If you wanted money or for me to move, why didn’t you just ask me? Why be that rude, Did your mom raise you like that? He said he didn’t want my money or for me to move. I tried talking to him, but he was saying inaudible things and not really interested. Moving along…

Well, as you can imagine, I wasnt too happy at that moment. Walking back to my car I slathered myself with hand sanatizer and decided to get to the gig earlier. Traffic was intense for a Saturday and found myself in a web of detours and landed here next.

I had the greenest superfood smoothie from arden’s gardens and it was delicious. I hoped it would boost my defenses and thwart off any parasites the nostril blast may have delivered. Lol. So far I’m ok.

I arrived at f.r.o.g.s. in mid town and played a couple sets. It was a lot of fun. They are wonderful there, and always have been. They’ve been a solid anchor in my traveling musical adventures. Very accommodating and tasty food and drinks. In part with their support I am able to do this. I am so grateful to be here and playing music.

Me and #mambotheboxer at frogs Mexican cantina.

Before checking out of my airbnb I thought I’d go for a quick run. And after about a mile in I had this feeling to stop and check my pocket for the key to my place. It was gone!! I retraced my steps, nothing. I was officially locked out for a couple hours. Not sure what happened to the key. Or why I felt the sense of urgency to look for it. It worked out in the end but what a drag.

Thanks for reading this. Keep on truckin yo.


The Deliberate Approach

What am I excited about, you ask? Tons of things! But let’s talk driveways for a minute. Mlmi is 3 miles of driveway draped with the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. 20 minutes of eyeball bliss. That’s my view to work every day for the next week. The deliberate approach. Rolling hills with packs of goats and cows. Bright yellow patchwork rows of sunflowers. Majestic curves offering a peek of the unique views of the French Broad River, the 3rd oldest river on the planet. Horses, bridges and mansions oh my. Read more about it here;

Check out @BiltmoreEstateโ€™s Tweet:

Road Trip 2018

June Promo Atl

Hi!! #mambotheboxer and I are up for an #adventure this coming week. First up is a double in #Atlanta GA Saturday June 9th. Downtown ATL Piedmont Park Saturday Morning Market 10 am to 10pm.

and then ..

F.R.O.G.S. Mexican Cantina in Midtown ATL 7pm to 10pm

I just love Atlanta GA and the surrounding areas. The mountains just an hour north of #ATL. Its pretty comforting that logistically its not really that far from the beautiful beaches of sunny Sarasota FL. Basically a day trip. an all day trip but a day is a day. Anyway. Its always an adventure to play music, near or far away. This is my 4th self funded musical road trip supporting my #soloacoustic #liveloop #onehumanband show and #acoustic #originals. Including Oct 2013, July 2015, July 2017 and now June 2018 tours.

always supporting my unreleased releases (hah)

Work 2014 acoustic EP

Time Flies For the Living 2015 EP

Sun Dogs 2017 LP

I write a lot of songs and play a lot of instruments and perform a lot of gigs. I write lyrics everyday and create a song on any instrument i decide to pick up and play. I havent been focused on gathering the information enough to finish a song as of late. but I have them. and they are always in my head. sometimes on repeat. Someday soon i am going to get to sit down and take the time that is necessary to create a solid release.

But for now, I will be rolling through the mountains, playing my guitar, hanging out with my dog #mambotheboxer and staying at a couple fun #airbnb locations. Which is an exciting adventure in of itself.

One bite at a time. Fun fact I moved to St Petersburg FL last month!! moving is hard. But now after I got it cleaned up and painted its reeal nice. so much so I think I should throw a house warming party. Whos in?

Message me on Facebook if your in the st pete area

Follow me @sandigrecco on @instagram

More posts from the road soon. Thanks for reading this. Keep on truckin. -sandi

my dog bembe

R.I.P. Bembe Grecco

5.6.06 -5.7.17

20170220 150601

Bembe and I found new ways to communicate, to play and to live everyday. Even though we were both preparing for the inevitable.

Here are a few pix and video of the millions that i have of my dogs Bembe and Mambo. I am sharing. Bembe met and inspired so many people in her last year of life. I should add that she met and inspired tons of people her whole life but her last year in the wheel chair was a profound experience for all of us. I learned how to be a better person because of my dog. She was the smartest, fastest most athletic competitive dog I had ever met. She was my first puppy and unbeknownst to me, my therapy dog. She was The Drum Studio dog. I trained her. Ironically and sadly, the auto-immune neurological disease that robbed her of her life, Degenerative Myelopathy, is an insidious disease that slowly attacks the lining (myelin) around the nerve and kills it causing paralysis and eventually organ failure, much like ALS.
Bembe’ Grecco died with dignity and her facilities in tact Sunday May 7th, 2017 at approx 7:33pm. The sun was setting and she had a wonderful sun filled day swimming at the park (yes she could still swim) catching the ball and lots of cheeseburgers surrounded by her favorite people and brother at her favorite park. The vet met us there. it was peaceful and i have never cried so hard in my life. Mambo stomped angrily and barked as she was leaving us. He still looks intently when ever he sees a wheelchair rolling up in the distance. I miss my dog and believe her spirit runs free at that park. -sandi