the love bucket

Hey!! welcome to my website, I appreciate you stopping by. Please consider a monetary donation to my original music project. As I say at my gigs, consider throwin a buck or two into my virtual tip jar. Do it as often as you like, and know you are helping me do what I am here to do, Play music!! Thank you 🙂


Click the youtube link to check out my YouTube Video Channel.  SANDI GRECCO YouTube PAGE

Please take a look around and then head on over to my Reverbnation Page Music Page where you can check out my tour dates, recent pictures video and uploads by clicking the link below.



Check my Archive Page for a few drum videos !

Thanks for stopping by! Please check back often, I have a few exciting things that are coming up in 2014! Cant wait to tell you all about it 🙂

Have an amazingly awesome day!






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