Love Game

Practice!! September 3rd, 2009. rocking up a pop hit called love game. Everybody loved this (at the time) all chick band line up.

gearing up for our big show, just learned that their old drummer is on the bill w a band that I heard of, but I didnt actually know any of the music. #kumbya

October 17, 2009 Orlando FL

I joined this band 4 months prior end of May 2009, performed st pete pride the next month. My first pride fest performance in Florida. I learned all the songs in their repertoire on bass and drums. I became everyones drummer after this, played for the fun of it all the time with this new group of musicians I met from Tampa, FL. No one knew I was going to become the biggest Cheater of them all.

Enjoy the music. I know i did. This is my bday present to myself. Happy birthday to me.

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