The Weekend Update

Im glad to be back in Hell’s kitchen. I did not enjoy the brisk sweet mountain air in the morning or evening after a day of sunshine in the mountains. The plethora of hoodies I rode around with in my car. At All! j/k but I love humidity and the warmth it provides but damn. This a hot June, aint it?!? lol I’ll be sweating my arse off at all these gigs this weekend EXCEPT for Lucky’s Market in Sarasota. You can shop while I sing in the cafe. #sipandstroll It’s pretty rad, and you should check it out.

Every other Friday 3 to 6p #sipandstroll

Im here at LeLu’s Coffee shop today, on Siesta Key. I figured I should work on Siesta Key all day!! Its the little things that make me happy. Sitting here in a coffee shop with my 4 shot capp. working on my laptop. my dog chillin with me. Currently there is a storm but it should clear up. Its Florida wait 5 minutes and the weather will change. If not Im playing inside The Blase Cafe and Martini Bar 7 til 10 tonight.

Happy Pride Month. Be Strong. Stay True. Support Live Music.

June 27, 2019 Blase Cafe and Martini Bar (Siesta Key) 7 to 10p

June 28, 2019 Lucky’s Market Cafe (Sarasota) 3 to 6p

June 29, 2019 Speaks Clam Bar (St Armands) 7 to 10p

June 30, 2019 Independent (St Pete) #drums The Jazz Project 3 to 5p

June 30, 2019 Queens Head (St Pete) #drums Not From Here 6:30 to 9p

Sunday Drum Day in St Petersburg FL

The Jazz Project is w/ James Suggs Trumpet and Jeremy Douglass Piano Sandi Grecco Drums at The Independent Every Sunday 3 to 5pm

Not From Here is my Funky Organ trio featuring JJ Pattishall on Guitar and Ben Winkler on Organ Sandi Grecco on Drums at The Queens Head Every Sunday 6:30 to 9p

Please come out and say hello! I miss you!

Here are some random pics from my recent road trip to Chattanooga, Atlanta and Asheville. No filters in the moment.

Full moon #vibes over the Methodist Church in DT Asheville, NC
Upcoming Drum Tutorial by The Lagoon at Dusk.
Don’t be Jelly, they just swannanoa bout me.
And that’s what its all about..
#mambotheboxer in his natural habitat

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