I need a place to start over

I’ll be back to sleeping in my car within a week or so. Which I was doing for several months since about a week before Christmas.

Is there any body out there that can let me park my trailer so I can work on it? My bed is in there and I can make due with public facilities once they reopen. Like showering at the gym, which I’ve been doing since 2012.

I’m trying to live a better way of life and feel I’m on the right track. But these set backs are awful and make me depressed like I’m taking up space.

Any body out there want to help this fuck up out?

Thanks for reading this hope you’re having a wonderful life.


New Brush Video filmed in Asheville, NC

Hi! I am sharing some of my brush technique with you! please SHARE this video. Thanks for watching and subscribing to my channel too. It means the world to me that you take the time to do so. Have a great Saturday!

Double today, literally. haha. Lucky’s Market noon to 3 and Speaks Clam Bar on St Armands 6 to 9.

Double Tomorrow too (two) The Independent 3 to 5 Jazz Project (brushin) The Queens Head 6:30 to 9

Double down town tonight. – sandi