3 6 13 Great week of gigs, recording and rehearsals!!

It’s been pretty amazing lately, and this week was like no other. Just finished up another 2 day session at Spirit Ranch Studio with Bud Snyder recording drums and drumset percussion for Jay Tinsley’s upcoming release.

Last weeks gigs with Come Back Alice were stellar. So satisfying to play drums in this project. Our 2nd gig at The Blue Rooster this past Thursday was a turning point for us as a band, I believe. The owner, servers and sound man love us and treat us so kind, feeding us plates of fried chicken. yum. Look for Come Back Alice at The Blue Rooster every other Thursday.

Saturday night March 2nd was a red letter day, and probably one of the best days ever! I have never seen the 5 o’clock club this crazy before!! The dance floor was full and poppin in the first set. And Sooo many people stopped in to say hello. Special shout out to Charles “Step”Steptoe. He was in the house and was genuinely impressed and I am deeply humbled.  His hootin and hollerin had me all fired up on the drums. I felt like I was playin for him!! He literally stood next to my kit the whole time and even hit my cymbal a few times with his walking stick. It was awesome!!

And now as I write this, I just finished up a rehearsal with Come Back Alice. Feels awesome to be working on a music project with a lofty common goal. I like the challenge. Things are looking up!


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