Introspection 2018 1/9/18

Im on a continuous grind of resolutions, that i call goals. ive made quite a long list; short term, long term and in between term, will be attanied. Top 2018 resolution is accountability. My 2017 resolution was follow through on everything or person i focused on including myself. While working full time I pieced together two, three week multi state tours for the summer and independently funded them, recorded an album of 8 songs, mixed and mastered in 2 weeks. Well, the 2 week time frame wasnt part of the plan, but i made it work for the tour. My album Sun Dogs is being remixed and remastered at Burnt Orange down here in B-town as i write, please check out the amazing art work for the time being. Now i spy a CD release show this year ? i upgraded my ride to a VW ? I spent so much time with my dogs #bembe? and #mambotheboxer at the park and always will. Bembe, my sweet boxer dog, passed away May 7th, 2017. Bembe’ was 11 and lived an amazing journey and was an extraordinary dog who met and loved hundreds, if not thousands of people in her short time here. Worthy of its own blog entry here. I have a lot of writing to do, and i am writing more than i ever have.

So, all you all, keep on your grind and your hustle and your flow, show em yo grill cuz you got gooold teeth up in there.

Everyday i can and will be better than yesterday, just a little at a time. Eventually, there will be a lot. ill inspire someone everyday with this. Since thanksgiving, 46 days ago, ive lost 2 inches and 10 pounds, im focused on yoga everyday and i run every other day. ???Check out the Asana Rebel Yoga app, i love it ❤and i can track my hours and calorie burn cumulatively. I make fine tuned mindful choices about ALL the food i consume. Today, i ran 2 miles in 21.15 my fastest street run since i blew my knee up in Atlanta in June. Also, just realized i never shared that story, ha, another time? Noted. I can burn a mile between 9 and 10 minutes on a treadmill, but there is something about running on the street, its harder to do, all the fumes and cars, harder than running the beach. Next run is on Siesta Key Beach.. ? i am 8 pounds and 2 inches from my fitness goal. This is soo exciting for me and if you knew me from when i was just sandi, from the block, its unheard of, uncanny, but not impossible, apparently. One day ill really blog that out for you.

Im shooting for loftier provisions in 2018. Next level grind. The New moon is coming. Be ready.?

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